Matthias Schlachter, Renata G. Raidou, Ludvig P. Muren, Bernhard Preim, P. Martin Putora, Katja Bühler
(Computer Graphics Forum, 38(3):753-779, 2019; doi)

Radiation therapy (RT) is one of the major curative approaches for cancer. It is a complex and risky treatment approach, which requires precise planning, prior to the administration of the treatment. Visual Computing (VC) is a fundamental component of RT planning, providing solutions in all parts of the process—from imaging to delivery. Despite the significant technological advancements of RT over the last decades, there are still many challenges to address. This survey provides an overview of the compound planning process of RT, and of the ways that VC has supported RT in all its facets. The RT planning process is described to enable a basic understanding of the involved data, users, and workflow steps. A systematic categorization and an extensive analysis of existing literature in the joint VC/RT research is presented, covering the entire planning process. The survey concludes with a discussion on lessons learnt, current status, open challenges, and future directions in VC/RT research.


  title={State-of-the-Art Report: Visual Computing in Radiation Therapy Planning},
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