Hi! I am Renata and I am Assistant Professor in Medical Visualization and Visual Analytics at the Research Unit of Computer Graphics of the Institute of Visual Computing & Human-Centered Technology, at TU Wien, Austria.

Previously, I was Assistant Professor and Rosalind Franklin Fellow at the Scientific Visualization and Computer Graphics Research Group of the Bernoulli Institute at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. I did my Post-Doc at the Institute of Visual Computing & Human-Centered Technology, at TU Wien. I received my Ph.D. in Medical Visualization from Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands, in 2017. The topic of my dissertation was “Visual Analytics for Digital Radiotherapy: Towards a Comprehensible Pipeline”, and for the results of my work, I obtained the Best PhD Award 2018 of the EuroVis Awards Programme. Additionally, I was awarded the Dirk Bartz Prize for Visual Computing in Medicine (1st Place) at Eurographics 2017.

My research focus is on the interface between Visual Analytics, Image Processing, and Machine Learning, with a strong focus on medical applications—in particular, cancer radiotherapy. My specific domains of expertise are Comparative Visual Analytics and Uncertainty Visualization. Recently, I also got enthusiastic about Data Physicalization, and its application to Anatomical Edutainment.

On this website, I show my latest portfolio. Here, you can find my CV, my list of publications, my news, and everything you might want to know about me! If you wish to contact me, please check here!

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