Application Spotlight at IEEE Vis 2021

We will be hosting an application spotlight at IEEE Vis 2021 together with Katarina Furmanova, Ludvig Muren and Wouter van Elmpt on “Bridging Visualization with Radiation Oncology”! We will have four panelists (Uulke van der Heide, Noeska Smit, Katja Buehler and Vitali Moiseenko) discussing how we can bring the two research domains closer to each other. Register for IEEE Vis and join the spotlight on Thursday 29 Oct (08.00 USA CDT/15.00 CET)!!!

We are hiring!

There are five open Ph.D. positions at the Visualization Group of TU Wien (Austria) in Computer Science in the area of (Biomedical) Visualization and Visual Computing! For more information, visit the group’s website! The application deadline is April 22nd, 2021. Feel free to redistribute the advertisement!

New Position!

I am very excited to announce that today, I am starting my new job as Assistant Professor in Medical Visualization and Visual Analytics at the Research Unit of Computer Graphics of the Institute of Visual Computing & Human-Centered Technology, at TU Wien. I have really enjoyed being a member of the Scientific Visualization and Computer Graphics Research Group of the Bernoulli Institute at the University of Groningen—this place is full of wonderful people and excellent researchers! At the same time, I am very happy that I get to work again with my old colleagues at the VisGroup of TU Wien, who are equally awesome! 🙂

Upcoming Shonan Seminar!

Our NII Shonan seminar proposal on “Advancing Visual Computing in Materials Science” has been accepted. The seminar will take place—COVID-19 allowing—in October 2021 and aims at identifying novel directions of interdisciplinary work between visual computing and materials science. I will be co-organizing this meeting together with my amazing colleagues Christoph Heinzl, Mike Kirby, Guillermo Requena, Kristi Potter, and Yuriko Takeshima!

Link for IEEE Vis Panel 2020

If you missed our panel “Why should I stay in Academia? Bridging Generations of Researchers in Visualization” at IEEE Vis 2020, you can watch it here!

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