Zoltán Orémuš, Kahin Akram Hassan, Jiří Chmelík, Michaela Kňažková,
Jan Byška, Renata Georgia Raidou, and Barbora Kozlíková
(In Proceedings of 2020 IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium, pp. 216-225, 2020; doi)

Monitoring conditions in the periglacial areas of Antarctica helps geographers and geologists to understand physical processes associated with mesoscale land systems. Analyzing these unique temporal datasets poses a significant challenge for domain experts, due to the complex and often incomplete data, for which corresponding exploratory tools are not available. In this paper, we present a novel visual analysis tool for extraction and interactive exploration of temporal measurements captured at the polar station at the James Ross Island in Antarctica. The tool allows domain experts to quickly extract information about the snow level, originating from a series of photos acquired by trail cameras. Using linked views, the domain experts can interactively explore and combine this information with other spatial and non-spatial measures, such as temperature or wind speed, to reveal the interplay of periglacial and aeolian processes. An abstracted interactive map of the area indicates the position of measurement spots to facilitate navigation. The design of the tool was made in tight collaboration with geographers, which resulted in an early prototype, tested in the pilot study. The following version of the tool and its usability has been evaluated in the user study with five domain experts and their feedback was incorporated into the final version, presented in this paper. This version was again discussed with two experts in an informal interview. Within these evaluations, they confirmed the significant benefit of the tool for their research tasks.


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